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For those willing to learn how to sing

MFYC has had a huge impact on me and has taught me many things. I have learned about different cultures in our community, how to read IPA, as well as many singing techniques. MFYC has also taught me the importance of friendship and teamwork. This was a very important lesson for me, as I was quite shy before.
MFYC has made me more confident when working with others, and has given me the ability to express myself through my voice. My favourite moment this year in choir was our first concert. It felt so awesome to finally sing on stage with all my friends and have my family enjoy the beautiful music.
I would recommend MFYC for anyone who likes singing or those who would be willing to learn how to sing. I know that it can be tough for some people to join something like this, since they feel like their voice isn’t ‘good enough’. I felt this way when I first decided to join, as I was very nervous for the audition. I soon realized after, that there was no need to worry! The audition was really chill and introduced to the positive environment of MFYC.
Long story short, if you’re interested in singing, you should really consider joining MFYC. You’ll learn great singing techniques, meet lots of new friends and have tons of fun!

Maya, 2015-16

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