My Experiences with the Mississauga Festival Youth Choir

Hello there, dear readers. If you do not already know, choirs are amazing things. They allow you to meet new friends, have fun together with other people, build your confidence, and many other things. That is why I want to talk about how amazing the Mississauga Festival Youth Choir is.

By the way, I am Michael Chen, a cadenza chorister at the MFYC for two years. Today, I want to talk about my experiences of being in this choir.
I joined the choir in September 2014. It was a new experience for me since I had never sung in a choir before, and to be honest, I was a little nervous. But as time goes on, I have started to be more confident in myself and my voice, and before I noticed, I was no longer nervous. Through having fun and singing together with my fellow choristers, I have stepped outside of my little box and became more confident as a person. This is why being in a choir is so amazing. Every chorister grows together, because they all work together towards the same goal, while also having fun together.

To tell the truth, I only joined MFYC because my mother suggested it to me. At first, I was a little skeptical about it, because I was kind of an introvert at the time and did not want to participate in anything that is outside of my comfort zone. Another reason was that I was insecure about my voice. But after I have joined the choir, I was amazed at how much fun I’ve had, and I have realized that my voice wasn’t that bad after all. I became comfortable singing in front of other people, because everybody’s doing the same thing. Joining the choir really made me more confident as a person, and it gave me the chance to develop my leadership skills, since I was in the oldest age group in the choir (which is Cadenza if you do not already know). Looking back at my experiences and my new found confidence in singing, I can only say one thing: I regret nothing.

So, if you are considering joining a choir, feel free to do so, and it will probably benefit you in the future. If you feel insecure about your voice, know that no one in a choir will ever judge you, because everybody is all in this together.
Just believe in yourself, trust your fellow choristers and your conductor, stand tall, smile, and sing!


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