Note from the Founder – MFYC’s Anniversary

Note from the Founder of MFYC, Deborah Bradley

When I first began planning to start a youth choir in Mississauga, I had several concerns: I wanted the choir to be open to anyone who wanted to sing, and although I recognized that there would be significant costs involved (venue rental, music purchases, paying key personnel, etc.), I did not want that business reality to prevent any interested kids from singing. I also felt that in a city as diverse as Mississauga, it was important to focus on music that had both appeal to young singers and that represented the diversity of the community. As I began to talk with friends about this dream, I realized there were others who shared the vision—and with a donation from the Mississauga Festival Choir and a seed grant from the Mississauga Arts Council, MFYC was born during the summer of 1997.

At that time, there was no way to know how successful MFYC would become—but here we are, 20 years later and still going strong! This celebration of MFYC’s 20th Anniversary is significant for the community of Mississauga and, of course, for me personally. MFYC has always represented our best efforts to create and maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all our singers. In this world where prejudices of all kinds are far too prevalent, MFYC stands steadfast in its artistic vision that the diversity of Canada, and Mississauga, represents a tremendous strength. May our songs continue to share that vision tonight and into the future.

Deborah Bradley, Ph.D.

Founder and Retired Artistic Director, MFYC


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