This Spring, I was honored to be invited to join 19 choristers from MFYC (consisting of those from Ostinato, Cadenza and Chamber choir), along with Artistic Director, Tracy Wong, and parent volunteers on this year’s New York City tour! We began early on May 14th with a long bus trip all the way to NYC. However, we did not waste any time – we had a few rehearsals en route the 10-hour drive! When we finally arrived around 7:30pm, we immediately began to take in the bustling energy of the city, beginning with a brisk shopping trip in Times Square.


After spending the night at the hotel, we got an early start with a rehearsal outside in the sunshine. Then, we were off on an exciting tour of NYC, where we saw fantastic sights, including the Statue of Liberty, the view from the top of the Rockefeller Center, and Central Park. We even spent some time in Chinatown, where we enjoyed some fantastic local Chinese-American cuisine.


NYC_tourThe next day we were off to Pascack Valley High school where, after a morning of rehearsal, we finally got to perform! We were extremely excited to partner with several choirs from Pascack Valley in an afternoon concert. We were inspired by their impressive performances, and had a great time sharing our own repertoire with them. I myself was very excited to get to sing along with our choristers, and conduct them in one piece – John Rutter’s “Give Me Wings”. The concert ended with a collaborative piece, “Hope For Resolution”, in which everyone in the concert raised their voices together.


Afterwards, we exchanged gifts with the students from Pascack Valley, giving them some souvenirs from Canada, and receiving some from New Jersey. It was an exhilarating experience to perform with such a large and talented group of students, and it was great to meet them. Their choral director, Mrs Argine Safari, was so kind and welcoming to us, and we were honored to be involved in this partnership. Hopefully we will be able to collaborate again in the future!


After our concert, we rushed off to Manhattan to see The Lion King on Broadway. The costumes and scenery were stunningly beautiful and the singing and dancing were inspiring. For many, this was their first time seeing a broadway show, and this one absolutely did not disappoint!


The New York tour was a fantastic success. For many choristers, this was their first time away from home for so long, and others their first time outside of Canada. The trip was not only a learning experience about New York City and performing in a choir, but an opportunity to get to know each other better and have a great time.


Thanks to all of our choristers for being fantastic performers and leaders, and all our parent volunteers for committing their time and energy to ensuring the trip was both safe and fun! Here’s to many more great times together, performances, and choir tours!