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Our Programs

MFYC offers an inclusive, performance-based music education program with a strong multicultural focus.
We strive to create a positive musical experience for all children.
MFYC welcomes boys with changing voices as well as treble voices.

Capriccio Choir

Junior Level

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Performance-based music education that introduces musicianship.

Ostinato Choir

Intermediate Level

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Performance-based music education that encourages continued development of musicianship skills.

Cadenza Choir

Senior Level

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Choristers engage in choral singing of a higher performance level with a focus on challenging repertoire.

Chamber Choir

Advanced Level

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Chamber Choir singers are selected from within Cadenza Choir and rehearse with both groups.

Come Sing With Us

  • Open to all youth that want to sing

  • Professional Artistic Staff

  • Community supported

  • Very affordable vocal instruction

  • Performance based instruction

  • Marla
    “My daughter has enjoyed singing with the choir for the past year and a half. Songs of peace, love and hope in different languages from different cultures. Thank You MFYC!”
  • Olav
    “The quality of the training and the high level of organization of all events is truly remarkable.”
  • Nathan
    “ I love that we sing songs from other cultures! It makes me feel more connected with the world I live in.”
  • Ron
    “My daughter very much enjoys her time with the MFYC. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity to fit in the local society as a new immigrant.”
  • Heather
    “All cultural backgrounds, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, etc. are welcome in this choir.”